This was not a straight forward boiler swap as it may look, a re-pipe from boiler to airing cupboard was required, however it was a very satisfying job to do as the customer also took full advantage of the incredible controls available from Vaillant.

The existing open-vented boiler had become problematic, and was beyond economical repair. A new Vaillant ecoTEC PLUS was specified for replacement, and a complete repipe from the boiler to airing cupboard was required. Yeoman (SW) Ltd removed the existing pumped central heating primaries and gravity primaries to the cylinder, and installed new flow and return pipe work converting the system to fully pumped with motorised valves in an ‘S Plan’ configuration.

The 240v time clock and thermostats have been removed and a Vaillant vSMART has been installed. The home owner now has full control of their heating and stored hot water cylinder via their mobile devices. Unlike regular 240v controls or other ‘Smart’ controls, the vSMART modulates the output of the boiler as required. These intelligent controls ensure the boiler runs as efficiently as possible, using the minimum energy required to heat the home and reducing fuel bills.

In addition to the Vaillant controls, a Vaillant Protection pack has been installed, increasing the 7 year warranty to a 10 Year Warranty.

As with all our installations, the heating system has received a full flush removing suspended iron oxide and dirt from the radiators and associated pipework.

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