Flushing and Powerflushing.

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Gavin's blog
Flushing and Powerflushing.

IMG_0553Flushing and Powerflushing.

Rust occurs in all central heating systems producing a black (iron oxide) sludge causing the following problems:

  • Radiators cold at the bottom due to black sludge
  • Radiators cold all over due to blocked valves and pipes
  • Radiators cold at top and need bleeding due to gases, a byproduct of rusting
  • Boiler cutting out and no circulation due to blocking of pump
  • Little or no hot water due to blocked pipes or heat exchanger
  • Irritating boiler noise from sludge or lime scale build up, a warning of imminent costly problems.
Flushing, with all new boiler installations Yeoman (SW) Ltd flush the heating system using an Adey Magna Cleanse filtration system and acidic chemical cleaners. Magna Cleanse removes virtually all suspended iron oxide. A Magna Clean filter is also installed to provide on-going proMarldon 9 - Yeoman (SW) Ltdtection for the boiler, improved performance and efficiency.
But sometimes we need to go one step further…
Power flushing is the process of running high volume and low pressure water through a heating system, in addition to the Magna Cleanse. Removing rust and foreign objects, using mains water and  an acidic chemical; we currently use a Rothenberger Rocal Power Flushing Pump to perform the task in hand. We can  Powerflush your existing installation removing scale, sludge and mineral deposits from your central heating system returning them to a much better efficiency.