Gas Appliance Servicing.

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Gavin's blog
Gas Appliance Servicing.

IMG_4993Gas Appliance Servicing.

Many of us might see an annual gas boiler or fire service as an unnecessary expense – everything seems to be running fine, so why bother, right? Wrong! Your Gas Boiler or Gas Fire needs a little TLC from time to time to ensure they’re running as they should be. The primary reasons for this are efficiency and safety.

Efficiency: Deposits build up inside the combustion chamber which reduces the efficiency of the appliance which means higher gas bills for you! Although you will pay to have your boiler or fire serviced this will actually save money by having this done on a regular basis. An annual service from us includes a thorough clean of any dirty parts or deposits, bringing your appliance’s efficiency back up.

Regular servicing also greatly reduces the risk of a breakdown and prolongs the life of the appliance. Skipping your annual gas boiler or fire service is a false economy.

IMG_0547Safety: We would never want to risk our lives or those of our loved ones. For that reason it’s absolutely essential you have your gas boiler or fire serviced at least once a year. While modern boilers and fires are incredibly safe and highly unlikely to have safety issues after installation there’s always a small chance something can go wrong. An annual gas boiler or fire service severely reduces the chances of a problem and puts the odds of an incident very unlikely.

Potential issues are usually leak related – something most of us associate with explosions. A gas boiler or fire incident might not be quite so dramatic though…a tiny leak or carbon monoxide output is much more insidious and can kill silently and quickly. These incidents are very rare. BUT they are a lot rarer when gas boilers and fires have had a regular annual service. Don’t take chances with your life and the lives of your family – make sure you get your boiler checked once a year!

Carbon Monoxide can kill. “Don’t be a victim to the silent killer” Boilers, Fires and Water Heaters should be serviced annually for continued safe operation and efficiency.