Dolphin Court

Following multiple repairs over the years, from a national company under a service plan, this client had lost confidence in her combination boiler, a new boiler was required and the brief was to keep it simple and ensure peace of mind.

A Glow Worm Ultimate3 30kw combintion boiler has now been installed, this boiler comes with a 10 year warranty and will now be serviced annually by Yeoman (SW) Ltd, restoring our clients confidence in her heating and hot water system.

The boiler has a built in mechanical time clock, and a load compensating Glow-worm Climastat (room thermostat) which is also compliant with Boiler Plus regulations.

As with all our boiler installations the heating system has been flushed and a Magna Clean filter has been fitted for ongoing boiler protection.

The result was a very happy customer who, as a bonus has also gained some extra space in her kitchen cupboard.

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