Copland Meadows

This installation was very, very enjoyable and ticked every box for us: gas, renewables and solid fuel.

The existing system consisted of a gas fired boiler and open-vented hot water cylinder. The clients wanted to adopt renewable energy to heat their home, and having previous experience with wood burners they were keen to incorporate this into the heart of the home. Discussions with us then lead to solar thermal and onto the design of a hybrid heating system.

The exiting hot water cylinder was replaced with a Gledhill Torrent Thermal Store. A solid fuel Lanordica stove with back boiler was installed, along with Grant UK solar thermal collectors.

In the summer months the solar collectors will generate 90%–100% of the hot water demand, and during the winter the solar collectors combined with the Lanordica stove will provide 100% of the central heating and domestic hot water.

The existing gas boiler was retained and will serve as a back up in the unlikely event demand is not met from the solar thermal and solid fuel stove.

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