Kings Ash

This was a really satisfying installation. The 40+ year-old cast-iron boiler and hot water cylinder were upgraded with a new Vaillant combination boiler.

The new Vaillant ecoTEC PLUS was sited in place of the original boiler under the stairs. The flue terminates onto the driveway so a plume kit was installed to avoid plume from the flue blowing against any of the vehicles outside.

New thermostatic valves were installed on the radiators throughout the house, and this installation also included Vaillant’s vSMART Boiler Plus compliant load and weather compensation and smart controls.

The heating system was flushed using our Thoroughflush fresh water cleaning system, and a Vaillant Protection Pack filter was installed for ongoing boiler and heating system protection.

The boiler, controls and filter all came with a 10 year warranty, ensuring our customer has long-term peace of mind and confidence in their new boiler.

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