This was a really enjoyable boiler installation in Exeter. Yeoman (SW) Ltd were asked to advise and quote for a new high-efficiency boiler as the existing open-flued boiler in the kitchen was well into its twilight years.

The location of the boiler could not remain in the kitchen because of the flue. The decision was made to relocate it to the adjacent garage.

A Glow-worm Energy 25R was installed; the old gravity hot water and pumped heating was now fully pumped and our client could control heating and hot water independently of each other. A room thermostat, cylinder thermostat and radiator thermostats were also installed.

Finally, an extremely productive flush of the heating system was carried out; huge amounts of suspended iron oxide (black sludge) was removed from the system. This process alone has dramatically improved the performance of the heating and combined with the new boiler and controls, our client will see huge savings in their annual energy bills.

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